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Transforming Young Netball Players into Stars

Code Of Conduct

I will be enthusiastic and remember that sport is supposed to be FUN.

I will treat everyone fairly and with respect and dignity.

I will be an Ambassador for the sport and for Pro Star Netball Academy.

I will take pride in my appearance and have good hygiene.

I will respect the values of good Sportsmanship.

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Upcoming Pro Star Workshops

Dates have been revealed for our next Workshops and Netball Clinics. Click HERE for information.

What You'll Discover At Pro Star Netball...

1. How to dramatically increase your daughter's netball skills.

2. What we do to develop her passion for netball and confidence.

3. Solid fundamental training: ie ball handling, passing, catching, hand eye coordination, goal shooting skills, peripheral vision and techniques.

4. Fitness and strength programs to enable your daughter to play, compete and shine.

5. Footwork and running methods to reduce injuries.

6. Simple, quick and easy warm up methods so her body is ready to go.

7. Food suggestions and tips so her body is fuelled up and ready for maximum performance.