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Transforming Young Netball Players into Stars

Welcome To Pro Star Netball Academy

The Pro Star Netball Academy offers the opportunity for all potential netball stars to explore and excel in all aspects of netball. The Academy will provide development programs aimed at different levels and ability of your daughter in all stages of skills and vital aspects such as ball skills, attitude, concentration, fitness, nutrition, leadership, sportsmanship, rules, etc.

Targeted at the development of the JUNIOR netball player, the programs run throughout the year at the Indoor Sports Arena in Montague Gardens, Cape Town. The arena is fully equipped with netball courts, changing rooms, kiosk, balls, bibs, necessary skills equipment and Academy accessories i.e. printed T-shirts, hoodies and water bottles.

Note that the sessions are based on the development of skills of the sport and are specifically structured to encompass all disciplines of netball.

One-on-One Training Is Vital For Girls Under 11 years of age!

Science has proven that girls 10 years and under do not have the maturity to learn Netball skills efficiently in a team environment. It’s different for older girls. From the age of 11 girls go through a dramatic physical and mental maturity phase which lasts until they are about 17.

The key for young girls (6 – 10 years of age) to master the basics and become great Netball players, is one-on-one training. This is because:

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What You'll Discover At Pro Star Netball...

1. How to dramatically increase your daughter's netball skills.

2. What we do to develop her passion for netball and confidence.

3. Solid fundamental training: ie ball handling, passing, catching, hand eye coordination, goal shooting skills, peripheral vision and techniques.

4. Fitness and strength programs to enable your daughter to play, compete and shine.

5. Footwork and running methods to reduce injuries.

6. Simple, quick and easy warm up methods so her body is ready to go.

7. Food suggestions and tips so her body is fuelled up and ready for maximum performance.