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Transforming Young Netball Players into Stars

Our Pro Star Netball Academy Team

Lizbé - Head Coach

Lizbé has played Provincial indoor and outdoor netball for many years. She is a Provincial Coach and Umpire and the founder of Pro Star. She is our Head Coach and has an Indoor Netball Federation of Queensland qualification.

Louise - Coach

Louise has played and coached Provincial indoor and outdoor netball for many years. She is regarded as one of the Peninsula's best all-round coaches.

Marinda - Coach

Marinda has played and coached at National and International level. She is our expert Mixed coach having coached Western Province Mixed and Men's teams to 6 consecutive Gold Medals.

Angie - Administration & Finances

Angie is an ex-high school teacher who, after a short stint in Australia, qualified in Counselling
and Facilitation. She has a passion for netball and is committed to helping with its development.

Latest Pro Star News

Upcoming Pro Star Workshops

Dates have been revealed for our next Workshops and Netball Clinics. Click HERE for information.

What You'll Discover At Pro Star Netball...

1. How to dramatically increase your daughter's netball skills.

2. What we do to develop her passion for netball and confidence.

3. Solid fundamental training: ie ball handling, passing, catching, hand eye coordination, goal shooting skills, peripheral vision and techniques.

4. Fitness and strength programs to enable your daughter to play, compete and shine.

5. Footwork and running methods to reduce injuries.

6. Simple, quick and easy warm up methods so her body is ready to go.

7. Food suggestions and tips so her body is fuelled up and ready for maximum performance.